Efficiency Through Consolidation and Automation

Flowman SaaS-platform cuts costs - while improving efficiency and reliability at the same time. All this can be achieved by consolidating resources and automating routines using the very latest technology platform.

Having extensive knowledge of managing the media business, as well as best practices from other industry sectors, we have challenged all user needs with the simple question: is this functionality required at all - since this work phase may not actually be required? As a result we have automated many tasks in the whole business process from the customer’s site to final plate making and press set up.

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“This solution creates a major competitive advantage for us by tightly integrating online customer service to prepress production” Samuel Leung, Chairman of the Leo Paper Group

- Only need one installation
- Do it once and do it right for all sites
- IT and business process consolidation

- Single site disaster planning

- Significant cost savings and ROI