Enterprise Power to Any Size Businesses

Through SaaS, Software-as-a-Service, the benefits of the latest and greatest enterprise solutions are now available to any size businesses. 

Flowman has provided full scale SaaS solutions for print media business processes since 2002 - longer than anybody else in this industry. Based on our extensive experience we challenge you to have a deeper look at SaaS - it will change the way you think about business processes and IT!

Less risk, more reward? Regardless of how you do the math, the Flowman SaaS concept makes virtual prepress a reality for printers, publishers and advertisers of any size, with software capabilities that previously only large enterprises could afford! SaaS delivers all standard workflow features over the internet. No hardware/software installation. Outsource and reorganize your business in one simple step!


"The Flowman SaaS concept gives us not only the features we need as a ready to use solution, but also all the resources of complete IT and prepress departments at a fraction of the costs compared with having resources of our own." Lauri Hirvonen, Suomalainen Lehtipaino Oy 

- Continuous 24/7 service
- No installation
- No maintenance
- No capacity issue
- No availability issues
- No capital investment

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Ifra Magazine 1/2009:
TOP5 ideas for cost savings include Flowman's core advantages:
- Eliminate hard copy proofs
- SaaS