Service Oriented Enterprise

Consolidation is the process of optimising and centralising the existing resources across the enterprise. From an IT management perspective, IT departments have always struggled to manage the increasing number of servers used across the enterprise. From a HR perspective, distributed systems and business processes always mean unoptimised human resources - you cannot get the best professional in all of your sites where and when they might be needed.

Today’s real-time economy means that control and accessibility of your systems, data, applications and the network itself is crucial for survival. With the rise in merger and acquisition activity, it may not be consolidation of just your organisation’s systems, but also the integration of two or more individual infrastructures - including customers.

Consolidation strategies seek to simplify and centralise business processes, including IT and communication systems, so that organisations are able to stay in control of their infrastructure, keep pace with technology and get more from their existing investments – all this with less cost and management than distributed systems. We call this a "service oriented enterprise" strategy.

 Flowman solutions for consolidation

Flowman provides solutions to centralise and automate handling of all digital material transferred across organisational borders within the enterprise or its customers. It provides clear savings by reducing infrastructure costs and enabling better utilisation of human resources. It also enables even the smallest organisations within the enterprise to benefit from more advanced IT skills and systems that they would ever be able to maintain on site. 

  • Flowman provides the only solution on the market designed to
    • Serve multiple sites virtually
    • Provide centralised control and integration to all processes
    • Deliver clear cost savings through consolidation and virtualisation
  • Whole business process automation instead just production automation
    • Management and production processes run in parallel
  • Build on very latest Java EE technology platform using SOA (service oriented architecture )
    • Scales up to any workload requirements
    • Constantly available clustered solution
    • Operating system independent
  • Fully customizeable ”look and feel” in UI
    • Enable labelling under print site brand – even individual customer's brand

The system Flowman provided met all needs and demands we had. All production tasks from the ready page file all the way through to plate output have now been fully automated in one consolidated system – groupwide”, project manager Kimmo Lindström, Sanoma Corporation.