HotFolders - Ultimate Automation Tool

Flowman HotFolders & ProcessMonitor Bundle 

Automate all your routine tasks.

Manage all automation needs (and also existing scripts) in one simple "drag and drop" style graphical user interface.

Automation triggers based on defined schedule, hot folder, ftp hot folder or database actions.

Monitor processes and log files.

Develop your own automation plugins with included SDK.

License includes free backup server license for business critical use.

 Example Solutions

IT management

- Schedule backup of servers and databases
- Reboot servers
- Sync server time
- Monitor running process and alert if down or not responding
- Watch log files and send alert if defined string exist
- Autogenerate preformatted emails with variable content
- Import and export XML data to/from database
- Centrally control you pre-existing automation scripts


Application integration

- database transactions
- file transfer (FTP, SFTP, HTTP and Windows network)
- XML parsing and creation
- text file parsing and creation
- Excel integration
- send user interface commands to 3rd party application
- execute command line commands with variables

Workflow automation

- Read email and grab attachments and create tasks for users
- Create Excel reports from database
- Archive all printed documents as PDF
-Create automation queues based on if-then-else decision of any environment variable or file/database content
- Automatically use user interface of any desktop program

Web site management

- Monitor any web site and import content
- Automatically fill web forms
- Automate web site updates
- List FTP site content
- Upload and download files over FTP and FTPS

Automated reporting

- collect data from databases or logs
- create  Excel, Crystal reports etc. from data
- distribute reports by email to subscriber list in text file or database


Download a free 30 days trial to see with your own eyes!


  ... and 1000+ more solutions. Build your own automation solutions in minutes with intuitive drag and drop user interface - without writing a single line of software code.



Hot Folders comes loaded with ready functional plugins (configurable automation tasks). And with included SDK you can create more with no limitations. Below list of the main functions:

  • Clear Event Log
  • Collect Errors
  • Copy File
  • Create Directory
  • Delete File
  • Do While...
  • End Daemon
  • Error Action
  • Fork Workflow
  • For Next
  • If Then Else
  • Load Config
  • Log Message
  • Reg Edit Windows
  • Disconnect Network Drive
  • Map Network Drive
  • Net Time
  • Compress File
  • Decompress File
  • Filter Log
  • Print File
  • Print PDF
  • PS2PDF
  • Replace Text
  • SyncDirectories
  • Export XLS2CSV
  • Manage Open File
  • Mapi Mail
  • Mapi Receive
  • Outlook Send Mail
  • Outlook Receive Mail
  • SMTPmail
  • Shell
  • Sleep
  • Stop Daemon
  • Write2File
  • DBquery
  • XML export
  • XML import
  • Application Control Tools
  • Run VB script
  • FTP delete
  • FTP download
  • FTPlist
  • FTP upload
  • Secure FTP download
  • FTP upload
  • Logoff Windows
  • Move File
  • On Condition
  • Open URL
  • Purge File
  • Read Event Log
  • Remove Directory
  • Re Schedule
  • Restart Daemon
  • Restart Windows
  • Run Program
  • Screen Saver
  • Select Case
  • Services Control
  • Set FileAttribute
  • Set Variable
  • Shutdown Windows
  • Sys Info
  • ... and more. Download for free and try it yourself!