ePaper solution from Flowman

Date 02/01/2010

Flowman recently released Virtual Front Desk gets it's first expansion in March. New ePaper option creates flip-book style electronic publication parallel while producing pages ready to print.

”Creating a ePaper is not any rocket science” says Petri Karjalainen, CEO of Flowman, ”there are broad range of technologies out there for this purpose... we add value in this process by making things automatic: electronic publication gets published without any effort of from the user” he continues.

Flowman ePaper integrates smoothly in daily routines with print buyer and printer using Flowman Virtual Front Desk -system. When a print buyer adds print order into system, an ePaper edition gets created automatically. This edition then gets also published automatically either in Flowman hosted service or in customer's own website environment.

”Subscription based or single copy sold titles need also system to manage subscriptions or online payments” says managing director Jorma Ainassaari, Jaicom Oy, ”Our experience in subscriber's online services helps customers in these type of needs. We can provide a solution that fits well to any publisher's need and integrates seamless into Flowman workflow and existing subscription systems” he continues.


Flowman Oy is a Finnish high-tech company dedicated to streamlining business processes in the print media industry. The company combines best Finnish automation and software practices from different industry sectors with its own pre-press production background to develop new ways to manage business processes. Flowman has its headquarters in Oulu -"the silicon valley of Finland.

Jaicom Oy is a leading Scandinavian solution provider and system integrator for print media business. It has offices in Finland and Sweden and its team of 29 IT-professional s serves over 250 titles around Scandinavia. Jaicom is the sole Flowman integration partner in the Scandinavian market.


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