Flowman assures subscription lists validity for all Sanoma\'s print sites

Date 05/30/2008

Publishing giant Sanoma Corporation has ordered an expansion to it's Flowman Virtual Prepress System

”We have several different mailing systems with different mailing data requirements within the group”, says development manager Matti Mikkola. ”This expansion of Flowman system takes also subscription lists as a part of the integrated workflow – since they are anyway part of the same business process. This change now ensures that data is valid and it is assignes to correct print job.”

Flowman MailMan software module receives the subscription lists from publisher. List are then preflighted and assigned to match the print job in case – all this automatically and centrally groupwide. It is available as standalone software or integrated part of the Flowman Virtual Prepress System.

About Flowman Oy: Flowman Oy is a Finnish high-tech company developing and marketing solutions for streamlining production processes in the printing industry. The company has successfully combined Finnish industry automation and software competence with its prepress production background, offering its customers innovative software-based solutions that clearly boost their production. Flowman is headquartered in Oulu, Finland.

About Sanoma Data Oy: Sanoma Data Oy is a subsidiary of Sanoma Corporation which offers ICT services to media companies. Sanoma Corporation is an independent subsidiary of SanomaWSOY, one of the largest publicly-traded communications companies in Scandinavia. It publishes newspapers and financial information and engages in commercial publishing operations.

Sanoma Corporation has five printing houses: Sanomala Oy (Vantaa), Hämeen Paino Oy (Forssa), Savon Paino Oy (Varkaus), Lehtikanta Oy (Kouvola) and Saiman Lehtipaino Oy (Lappeenranta). The Sanomapaino Oy sales team acts on behalf of the 500 professionals employed by the printing houses.

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