Flowman HotFolders new release provides further improved automation possibilities and load balancing for heavy load environments

Date 03/18/2009

Flowman releases today (March 18, 2009) new version of popular HotFolders automation tool for increasingly growing need to streamline IT tasks.

Main new features include:

Load balancing of 2 or more redundant HotFolders servers

This feature enables IT management to automate in one single configuration all heavy duty tasks as image processing or file conversions.

InDesign output plugin

New Adobe InDesign automation plugin enables automatic packaging or PDF output from InDesign documents (naturally requires InDesign software with accurate licensing to be installed in same server)

Further improved workflow design

It’s now possible to have multiple incoming paths on one command! This allows for a lot more flexibility in the way users can design the workflow.

Job ticket plugin

New plugin makes it possible to step through all lines in a file one line at a time and run a workflow or plugin for each line". Enables e.g. can use of a job ticket to run various commands within a workflow.

... and a lot more. Download latest free trial version at:


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