Flowman HotFolders update

Date 06/03/2010

Highlight of updates since version 4.5.0

- added “EPS Export” to “IndesignAutomation”
- “InDesign Automation” plugin now also supports InDesign Server
- updated “FileDistributor”:
- updated “CompressFile”
- new option to update the script-info of all workflows and not just for the currently selected workflow
- new option when using PASV mode in SecureFTP plugins: "Use Control Address"
- added extra logging about the opening of the log database
- implemented paging-mechanism in “ActiveDirectoryInfo” to support 1000+ records queries
- updated “ActiveDirectoryInfo”: User-info can now be extended by adding “Active Directory Properties”
- added “ADobjectExists” to “DoWhile”, “OnCondition” & “IfThenElse” to check if an Active Directory object exists

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