”Innovation in Print” prize to Flowman

Date 09/27/2010

Flowman SaaS-concept was rewarded with "Innovation in Print" by Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland. Flowman SaaS-concept has brought a new way to implement collaboration between advertisers, publishers and printers in Internet.

GrafTec 2010 - The graphical industry and print communications trade fair in brought together over 200 exhibitors at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre in Finland. In conjunction with GrafTec included Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland's Book Printer's Day where the "Innovation in Print" prize were given.
Flowman SaaS concept initiated at 2002. It was based on view that in the future publishing market will change and the content creation and production will be separated in different entities. Same time will happen consolidation in production as the printing will be concentrated in larger units, which share the resources to various publishers. This will force to redesign the business processes as printer's need to cope with more and different customers simultaniously - will be established "printing factories". Also was believed that in near future Internet will be the only platform to deliver material from publishers to printers. All these changes was base on Flowman innovation: a common framework in Internet for daily transaction with advertiser, publishers and printers to efficiently run their production tasks.

"Path from innovation to a commercial product - or service is long and demanding. Our assuptions of the market development turned out to be correct, despite the development speed has been somehow slower than excpected ", tells Petri Karjalainen, CEO of Flowman. "For being a Finnish SME did not really favour us in the beginning as the market was dominated with large global brands and decision for changes in business processes are slow in the well established industry as Print Media. Luckily we have had a pleasure to be working with forward thinking customers who shared the same vision of the future with us. I want to use this opportunity to thank all these pioneers - it has been really motivating to build the future with you!"

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”Innovation in Print” prize to Flowman
Flowman SaaS-concept was rewarded with “Innovation in Print” by Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland. read more...