New solution for online customer service of print service provider: Flowman Virtual Front Desk.

Date 01/21/2010

Flowman Virtual Front desk provides tools for a printing company to better interact withit's customers. ”Our Virtual Prepress solution has grown out from it's roots” says managing director Petri Karjalainen, “The current features goes far beyond the prepress scope. Features like distribution list preflighting and editing, delivery tracking, post calculations, subcontracting management etc. are not anymore in prepress category. That is why decided to separate the online customer service part as independent solution that can work in conjunction with existing ERP and prepress systems” he continues.

The new Flowman Virtual Front Desk provides online interfaces for collaboration of printing company and it's customers, which have easy to use tools to take care of all daily routine transactions with printing company. Virtual Front Desk can be integrated with existing ERP and prepress workflow solutions. It is also able to receive job definitions and deliver tracking messages from/to customer's editorial systems.

More information:
Flowman Oy
Petri Karjalainen
tel. +358 44 5146211

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