SaaS difference

The SaaS model’s instant time to market, platform independence and 24x7 maintenance at reasonable cost are winning over even the most skeptical decision makers who have been worried about security, customization, and integration. The SaaS model eliminates maintenance tasks and allows users to perform basic customization, thus freeing IT to focus on other company tasks. That's why the next generation of software begins with SaaS.

Flowman is a pioneer in SaaS and has developed the only true multitenant platform for the print media industry. At the heart of the system is a key innovation - a multitenant architecture in which all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained.

In contrast to client/server enterprise applications, users in Internet based multitenant applications such as Google Mail, eBay and Flowman, share the same physical instance and version of an application. Individual deployments of those applications occupy virtual metadata rather than separate physical stacks of hardware and software. These partitions store the metadata that defines each organization's business rules, configurations, user interface look & feel and customized interfaces to other systems.



Not All "Software as a Service" Is the Same

Most other vendors that promote themselves as a "hosted service" or "software as a service" simply charge customers on the basis of classic IT systems: installation, configuration and maintenance of the system is done as separate customer instances on the vendor's hardware and at the vendor's location. Just as with traditional software, these "hosted services" incur major expenses for each individual installation: the only difference is that the license fee is charged on a lease basis.


”Flowman's service concept fits perfectly to our needs. With one contract we get it all: technology, know-how and the required resources. Now we can concentrate on our core business: putting ink on paper.” Managing Director Timo Järvisalo, Kiuruveden Sanomalehti Oy.