What's included?

Simply select the features you need from Software Modules List. We will make them available for you over Internet. We will also install your metadata into system (configurations, look&feel, admin users). That's it - your're ready to go!

We will take care of the hard part of the job...

- Facilities fulfills the regulations for priority 1 services by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
- required computing resources
- 1Gb redundant datalinks
- firewalls
- uninterruptible power
- cooling
Manpower and expertise
- hardware maintenace & spare parts
- OS maintenance
- network maintenance
- middleware maintenance
- software maintenance
- security updates
- backups
- 24x7 system monitoring and maintenance
- 24x7 support
- process control services
- OS licenses
- middleware licenses (database-, application-, web- load balancing, etc solutions)
- software licenses
- constant software development based on your feedback

"This solution really boosts our production and reduce operating costs - which is crucial especially in these challenging times when all customers are asking for lower production costs", Managing Director Pekka Hämäläinen, Faktor Oy