Software modules

Bitmap Comparison

Compares a bitmap to a previous version of the page. Reports detected differences and creates a soft proof that highlights them for user verification.

Color Engine

Color Engine streamlines color separation of images during the last phase of the prepress process which means reduced workload in newsroom and advertising departments.

Easy Print

Easy Print allows customers to easily update variable data and place print orders.


Flowman ePaper integrates smoothly in daily routines with print buyer and printer using Flowman Virtual Front Desk -system. When a print buyer adds print order into system, an ePaper edition gets created automatically. This edition then gets also published automatically either in Flowman hosted service or in customer's own website environment. 

Fanout Compensator

Fanout Compensator helps eliminate fanout. 

Hot Folders

Hot Folders are the "glue" you can use to connect different workflow processes together. They are a convenient way of integrating existing on-site systems. HotFolders can be also installed as standalone automation tool, read more.


Imposer automatically creates impositions. There are no limits on sheet size or number of pages.

Ink Optimizer

InkOptimizer adjusts images to match the intended printing conditions.

Ink Zones

Ink Zones calculates ink key presetting data.

Job Submission

Job Submission receives print orders and original files over a web interface. JDF-based job tickets are then forwarded with the files to the prepress workflow system.

Mail Man

Mail Man receives and preflights mailing or subscription lists, and preflights, manages and tracks list transmission from editorial to print sites. Its strength is in handling complex structures with lots of editions and sub-editions combined with multiple print and editorial sites.

Output Load Balancing

Smart load balancing system which recognises the status of each output device and takes care of “smart rules” based load balancing between active devices.

Page Furnisher 

PageFurnisher adds marks and variable data to pages before outputting them to plate. 

Page Transmission

Page Transmission manages and tracks transmissions between editorial and print sites. Its strength is in handling complex structures with lots of editions and sub-editions combined with multiple print and editorial sites.


TrueFlight provides 100% accurate PDF validation in a prepress production environment.


RasterPDF takes the 1-bit ripped tiffs and combine them as a single page PDF file. RasterPDF file can be passed to virtually any imposition solution on the market for signature creation and output. Many user has found the best soft proofing concept for their need a combination of Softproof solution + Flowman RasterPDF. As proofer generates the proof from same 1-bit ripped tiffs as RasterPDF, this method provides 100% content accuracy of the soft proof. 

RIP monitor

This appplication monitors RIP functionality. It returns RIP error messages back to the workflow to be used, for example, by Status Tracking or the Smart Messaging Service. 

Smart Messaging Service

Smart Messaging Service sends status and error messages to users or third party systems. It can utilise industry standard message formats such as JMF and IFRATrack. Messages can be delivered via SOAP, email, SNMP or SMS.


Softproof generates and publishes reliable soft proofs over the Internet and manages the proof approval process. 

Status Tracking

Status Tracking provides real-time status of all editions in production. Status is color coded for instant recognition and may be displayed using icon or thumbnail representation of the individual pages or plates.

Third Party Connections 

The Flowman system is built on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which lends itself to bidirectional integration with third party systems. Flowman will be pleased to quote for third party connections.

Serendipity Blackmagic 

Flowman represents Blackmagic softproofing solution in Scandinavian newspaper printing market. It provides state of art features for colour accurate soft proofing at press desk - integrated smoothly with your existing press control system and workflow. Unique features such as reverse page simulation with transparency effect and user friendly touch screen user interace makes it unbeatable solution for all type of production. More information at

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