Flowman Solutions includes one or more of following software systems. Each of the systems contains different software modules which can be enabled for use based on customer need. Also, Flowman "skin" technology makes it possible for user interfaces "look and feel" be different for each customer. Therefore for a customer point of view, each Flowman implementation may differ from the others, even though they all can run in one logical instance.

Flowman Virtual Front Desk

Provides online interfaces for collaboration of printing company and it's customers. Easy to use tools helps customers take care of all daily routine transactions with printing company. Virtual Front Desk can be integrated with existing ERP and prepress worklow systems.

Flowman Virtual Prepress

Adds automated prepress workflow features in Virtual Front Desk. These features can add, replace or work in conjunction with exiting prepress workflow features. Flowman Virtual Prepress is built by software modules described here .

Flowman Ads2Press

Ads2Press provides an easy to use web interface for submitting advertising artwork, receiving preflight reports and approving softproofs and also basic archive. It can be integrated with existing ad booking system. It utilises Virtual Prepress software modules in it's processes. See a demo .

Customised Systems

Flowman constantly co-develop customised features with it's customers. Combining Flowman's experience with wide range of corporations and processes with customer's specific knowledge in it's core niche, can be found creative solutions for each specific need.

Hot Folders

Hot Folders is a server sofware, which work as a "glue" you can use to connect different workflow processes together. It is a convenient way of integrating existing on-site systems. You can also use HotFolders integrating your onsite systems in Flowman SaaS solutions. Read more .

Latest news

Now Flowman integrates with Preps
You can keep on using existing Preps imposition templates and workflow while benefiting of unbeatable advantages of using Flowman Virtual Front Desk Saas solution. read more...

”Innovation in Print” prize to Flowman
Flowman SaaS-concept was rewarded with “Innovation in Print” by Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland. read more...